The Pet Communicator Came To Visit

My two beagles, Ruby and Hairy, were napping on a dog bed perched below a window; looking out onto the street below. My husband and I were wrapping up a few odds and ends in the office and then I heard a light knock on the front door. "She's here!"

I ran down the steps, pulled myself together and opened my front door with a smile, "Hi Donetta!"

Donetta stood there with a smile. She has short blonde hair, some sparkly earrings and a canvas tote tucked under her arm.

"Come on in."


Donetta came in the house, got settled and we all went into the living room. The beagles were immediately all over her; Hairy was jumping up and down like a mad man, Ruby was furiously sniffing her pants. After they got their fill, they then began to sniff her purse, her coat, her shoes....anything she brought in.

Picture 47

Donetta had already worked with an abused horse that morning and a cat, she told us. The beagles were sniffing what they could from her earlier appointments. I sat on the floor and offered Donetta some tea, while trying to figure out what exactly one is supposed to say to initiate a pet communication story.

"No thank you," Donetta said with a smile. She was sitting on the floor, pulling toys out of her canvas bag and packets of information for my husband and I.


Donetta is a pet communicator; however many call her a pet psychic. She said she first noticed this gift when she was a child; and it put her (and her family) into awkward situations now and again when Donetta was confronted with abusive pet owners.

Donetta described how pet communication works like this: + She is near the animal; and will pet them now and then. + She'll get little blips; They are black and white. They are images from the animal as they see things. + Donetta then interprets those images as best she can. + She's also able to visualize something and 'send' it to the animal. This is how she's able to ask questions...she asks in pictures.


Now, I feel like I should mention that I gave her no information about my dogs beyond their names and gender. She does not know about this website or anything else I'm involved in so she could not have gleaned information from that.


Donetta was chatting with Victor and I as we sat there and she said "Hairy is happy-go-lucky......oh, and Ruby is the boss. She runs the house."

Why yes, that is correct.

Picture 45

She then told us that Ruby tells Hairy what to do but sometimes he doesn't listen because he chooses not to.

Yes, also correct. {An image popped into my head where Ruby is standing across the room from him--just staring at him. And he refuses to make eye contact with her. Usually, Ruby wants a toy he's playing with, or a spot on a dog bed. It's so funny watching him trying to ignore Ruby.}

'Was Hairy a rescue? He seems like one,' she said.

"Yes, sort of." I said. She told us how with his first owners, he knew they didn't want him and he felt like something bad was going to happen.

[Hairy's original owners got him as a pup for their kids. The father was then transferred to Japan just weeks after they got Hairy. The family tried to prevent the kids from getting attached to Hairy before the family moved....eventually giving Hairy to a family friend to try and find him a home. That family was a coworker of mine...hence, how we got him.]

Donetta told us he's very happy here and just really happy about life in general.

Ruby then apparently let Donetta know that she thinks Victor and I don't discipline Hairy enough.

This about blew me away, first, because it's true. We do tend to let Hairy get away with more....partly  because he's just so happy all the time he's just so darn cute...even when he's being bad. Second, because every time we yell at Hairy or tell him 'bad,' Ruby wags her tail and....seems to smile. It makes her happy when we yell at him.

{In the past, Victor has pointed at Hairy and said 'bad' when Hairy behaves poorly and we look over and Ruby is intently watching from across the room wagging just the very tip of her tail....she likes when he gets yelled at.}

Donetta told us that it seems Ruby thinks Hairy should be disciplined a lot more than maybe we think he should be....she reminded us that we're the owners and so she needs to be OK with what we think is OK. She needs to understand that what we say, goes.

Picture 44

We tend to have a problem with Ruby 'herding' Hairy. She'll force him pretty much wherever she wants him to go. She'll nip at him. She'll growl at him...if he's doing something she doesn't like. This doesn't happen all the time, mind you, just when....well, I guess when she feels like it. It's funny that Donetta said this because often enough, we are telling Ruby to cool it and back off....I guess what I'm trying to say is that we realized we often diffuse situations where Ruby wants Hairy to do something by picking her up and 'resetting' her. Does that make sense?


Then, I asked, "Do the beagles have any pain anywere?"

Donetta looked over at the two beagles, who were about an arms length away, and put her right hand on Ruby's lower back. She said "Ruby has back pain right about here feels like she got jerked......oh, she says she fell down the steps."

We took Ruby to the vet 4 months or so ago for her back pain. She wasn't able to go up or down the steps. The vet said it was in the same spot Donetta had her hand.

And, about 2 years ago, Ruby fell down the steps from the second floor to the first floor---she was really excited to go outside. However, I thought her back pain was attributed to a time about 6 months ago where she was running figure 8's around the house and she hit the side of an open door. (Ruby sometimes isn't the best at making sharp turns.....she has a bit of a...weight problem.....)


Donetta continued to chat with us for a good hour. She answered our questions and told us stories about other animal sessions she'd had.

I have to say, it was a really neat experience and both my husband and I were surprised at the accuracy of what she said.

All in all, I think any pet owner just wants to know that: + their pet is happy + they are healthy + they feel loved

It's, I suppose, peace of mind to have someone like Donetta come in. Even though I know my pooches are happy (can you tell from the photos?) I still am happy to hear it confirmed from an outside source.


Here is Donetta's contact information if any of you are in the Cincinnati area and are interested.

Donetta 513.541.2537 Animal Non-Verbal Communication

Donetta accepts donations only for her visits! We donated about $40 and reimbursed her for her gas money and travel time. I know most people give around $25---and Donetta will tell you, whatever you can give, if at all, will be put to good use.