Letters From Pen Pals | Where I Keep Them

Letter writing is a lot of fun. You 'meet' people from all over, learn new things and end up with an interesting pastime.  I have several pen pals and I so enjoy getting a handwritten note from someone far away. I keep my more recent ones in a hollowed-out book. These are the ones I've recently responded to or still need to respond to. Letter stash

I've got a neat little collection of post cards and letters from all kinds of places written on all kinds of stationery. I keep them in a hollowed-out book because, well, it just seems appropriate. I don't know what you're really supposed to keep in a hollowed-out book; probably secret stuff, which I don't have.

My Letter Stash

About a month ago, a postcard appeared in my inbox (not the digital kind) with no return address; from someone I don't know. It is a lovely card depicting Irish writers. See? Who sent me this postcard?

I'd love to know who took the time to send this to me all the way from Ireland. If you, my anonymous-postcard-writer-friend-from-Ireland see this; please send me your return address so I can write you back!

Otherwise, I fear this postcard will sit in my hollowed-out book unanswered for eternity........ Letter Stash Peek