Organization: A Before And After

It happens. You haul bags and bags of crap into your home over a period of days, months; years. But, an equal number of bags do not go out. In fact, it seems like not even half as many bags of stuff you bring in; go out. This is a dreadful problem that causes me anxiety and disdain for, well, myself. I am happy that I've been improving my organizational abilities over the past several years. I stay consciously aware of clutter--and that is honestly all you need; just to be aware. I don't buy junk of any kind anymore. I regularly give things away and purge things. I am about 75% of the way through organizing the things we have in storage in the basement and our home features minimal 'things that just sit there.' You know, trinkets and knick-knacks.

This is a photo of one wall in my home. It's been under a bit of neglect for awhile (organizing bookshelves inhabits one of the most terrible portions of hell) and I decided that today-things would be improved.

After a visit to IKEA to purchase about 20 organizational boxes; I got to work.

On this:

beforeOK, I don't normally have clothes all over like that, but the day before was a big laundry day and while many of the clean clothes made it out of the basket, they (obviously) did not make it into the closet.

Then, I filled all these up:


And just a few short hours later, I had this to behold and enjoy:

afterAnd the pile of stuff over on the left? That's all going to Goodwill! Woo hoo!