Opportunity Lies in Wait

It does. It sits just out of your main field of vision. Sometimes, you can only see it if you stop a moment to look near the fringes of what you see in front of you. Those darn fringes.

I've begun to see little opportunities, living in plain view, much more often recently. I attribute this to a natural progression through my life but also to my recent immersion in the practice of yoga.

A garden is about 100 opportunies just waiting for fabulous dinners, eh?

For me, yoga has brought those fringes in life into focus. They're just not so blurry anymore. At least, it seems like it. Maybe I'm just living in a perpetual state of happiness now. ;)

I'd be willing to bet a lot of money on you, dear reader. I bet there's a lot of opportunity just siting somewhere in your field of vision right now. What are you overlooking?

One thing I've kept in mind in considering this idea that opportunity is lying in wait for us, all of us, is that we only consider it an opportunity if it is, in some way, furthering one of our goals in some obvious way. An opportunity to be the CEO of a bank is only a great opportunity if you want to be the CEO of bank. It's not much of anything if your goal is to work in landscaping; enjoying the weather and foliage each day.

I will say though, that sometimes, opportunities present themselves for things you might think you wouldn't be interested in. That's the unique thing about opportunity. You can find things you're interested in that you otherwise might not have.

I suppose springtime puts me in the mood to reflect; to feel optimistic--to search for new opportunities now that life is bursting forth all around me.

I think you, dear reader, should stop a moment to search for new opportunities that might now be in focus.

Look to the edges!