Nail Polish | It can become a signature

Most women seem to go through phases where they wear nail polish for awhile, then they don't. It's bright pink shades for a few months and then deep, dark reds; with maybe a short foray into vivid blue. I am a firm believer in signatures. Signature style. Signature colors. Signature silhouettes. Both men and women should have them; well, at least one.

Nail polish is a good candidate. Chances are, there is a particular shade that looks best with your skin tone, so narrowing it down shouldn't be too hard.

My signature nail polish shade is a deep eggplant. It's the only shade I've worn since December and believe it or not, people notice. Plus, it makes it really, really easy on me. I gave away all those pinks and reds and greens and blues I never really wore. I did keep my supplies for a good old fashioned french manicure though; because dark purple nail polish may not be the most appropriate.

I use an O.P.I. shade called Lincoln Park After Dark. It's magical.

Now, I'm going to show you a couple photos of me with it on, and I realized after the fact that they were edited in black and white. And, you can see my mess ups. When I paint my nails, I don't really try to stay in the lines really because I go back later with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover and delete all the mistakes.

How lovely is this?

Hands painted

Hands painted again

Fierce women wear dark nail polish. What shade do you wear? Not wear?