My October Landscape

October is my favorite month. It's a magical month. The weather is crisp, the sun is still around and the days have gotten just a little shorter allowing for maximum enjoyment of bonfires and hayrides. It's before the holiday season; before the constant hammering of holiday advertisements and sales. It's the month we retreat into our own little compartments; our homes that we seal up and have prepared for winter. I love foliage in October. Most of it is dying, dropping leaves and petals or shriveling up; but it's all so full of color, shape and texture.

Here's some of what I see in my October landscape:

eggplantThis is the last eggplant on the vine. I do believe a deer will appreciate this mid-autumn delicacy.

centerbudThis flower no longer has petals.

berriesI'm in love with these scorching red berries surrounded by the rust of an old fence and the dying and dreary foliage behind it.

autumnfireAnd what is autumn without a roaring fire on a Sunday afternoon?

gourds1I love heirloom gourds. They are captivating, hearty and lovely.

ohiofield2And I love how fields look in October. The grass has gotten hard, the earth is cool yet the ground is still soft.

What does your October landscape look like?