My Love For Meringue

Meringue is my favorite dessert. I would easily choose a meringue over cheesecake, or over fudge, or over some other unholy delicacy. Meringue is lovely. The flavor is simple, the texture divine and the experience--weightless.


Since I indulge myself fairly frequently, I thought perhaps it might be worthwhile to share some of my favorite meringue facts:

There are three types of meringue: 1. French (easiest) 2. Swiss (made over simmering water) 3. Italian (uses sugar syrup)

The recipe for meringues is just over 400 years old.

If you refrigerate them, they become soggy.


One of my favorite meringue desserts is the Dacquoise! Have you seen this before? Martha Stewart has a great section on meringue, including a few dacquoise recipes.