My Favorite Earrings

Earrings. I am an earring girl. You might be a necklace girl. Or maybe you're married to a bracelet girl. Who knows. For me, earrings are like my icing. I love to wear them, and I love having options. Options, options, options.

Here's where I keep some of my most frequently worn earrings.

Earring Tree

Oooooo. Look how it sparkles......

Asian Darts

I love the darts on this pair. I think they're so interesting; a bit art deco too.

Blue Gem Baubles

And these bright blue baubles top off the art deco darts. I think perfectly. These are probably my favorite earrings right now. I've been wearing them a lot lately.

1950s earrings

These were given to me as a gift from a friend several years ago. They are from the 1950s and seriously go with everything. They're about the size of the top of my thumb.

Air Plane EarringsAirplanes! I found these for fifty cents at a flea market in Milton, West Virginia. I really love wearing these earrings.

Fleur De Lis EarringsThese are my all-time favorites. You can tell I've worn the heck out of 'em. The green stuff is, I actually have no idea, but it rubs off on a jewelry polishing cloth. And one of my stones fell out of the one on the right. What a bummer. The Fleur De Lis is a wonderful shape for jewelry to take; they seem to work with any style.

Green EarringsLime green! These are fun earrings to wear. I wear these a lot during big important meetings. A pair of my pearl earrings are next to them; I got those for my high school graduation from my parents.

pendulum dartsThese are about the best every day earrings I own. Understated, simple and classic.

JewelryWhich ones am I going to wear tomorrow?

PS: The earrings featured are vintage finds, Lenora Dame, Maximal Art or Swarovski.