My Favorite Australian Treats

After a trip to Jungle Jim's here in Cincinnati, I stocked up on three of my favorite Australian treats.

  • Crunchies
  • Billy Tea
  • Liquorice
  • Flake

I somehow avoided the Tim Tams but I regret it so!

Picture 5

When I was down unda a few years ago, I fell in love with lots of food. I also fell in 'hate' too. Word to the wise--the 'authentic' Mexican restaurant I ate at did not have a fryer and included bean sprouts and fresh carrots in with its burritos. I asked for a chimichanga and they had never heard of it. Yep, I was expecting Americanized Mexican, but I know true authentic Mexican dishes do not use fresh bean sprouts.

If you ever stumble upon a Crunchie---try it! The inside is a honeycomb. Yum!