My Day in Photos | 22 October 2013

Life has been flying out the door as soon as I open it, or at least it feels that way. My days have been full of rewarding work, interesting social events and not-very-fulfilling sleep. I'm 'cranked' as my Dad has told me many times in the past when I juggle too much or zip around faster than I need to. I'm sharing my day yesterday because I enjoy seeing into the lives of others when they do photo-an-hour posts. I also know there's some level of curiosity about my life. I don't work a traditional 9-to-5 and I don't have a traditional marriage either. What I mean is that my husband is more than just my husband. He is my business partner and employee. We live and work together.

Here's my day:

9am | We had no employees in the office at all on Tuesday and somehow, no appointments. So, we slept in a little late. Here I am, dressed for the day. I always drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.

Cole Getting Dressed


9:30am | Victor snapped this a few doors down from where we live. At the end of my street is a shuttle that takes you from one side of the Ohio River to the other. We were headed into downtown Cincinnati for the morning and afternoon to work.

Cole Imperi

9:45am | Here the view from within the shuttle! It's $1 a ride.

Southbank Shuttle

10:45am | Victor and I decided we wanted to pick up a croissant and a coffee from Jean-Robert's French Crust Cafe on Vine St. in Downtown Cincinnati. When we walked in, one of the servers was like "2 for lunch?" And we looked at each other and said "YES!" Change of plans.

Victor Imperi

11:00am | I ordered some tea and they brought it to me in a French Press. I poured it into my favorite travel mug. Victor had coffee. We ordered and waited for our food.

Cole Imperi

11:15am | I had a croissant topped with greens, avocado, brie and tomato. I had a fresh roasted red pepper soup to go along with it.

French Crust Cafe

Victor had this: duck confit mac'n'cheese. We also had a cup of the chicken noodle soup which definitely stuck to our ribs, but in the way that a warm bath makes you feel.

French Crust Cafe


11:30am | After our fantastic meal, we took a coffee eclair and chocolate croissant for the road and were glad to have a 15 minute walk ahead of us. We were headed to the Mercantile Library which I just became a member of. The Mercantile Library is just off Fountain Square if you are familiar with Downtown Cincinnati.

This alleyway was part of the scenery.

Alley in Cincinnati

12:00pm | We arrived! This awesome wooden emblem is in the lobby. The library is on the 11th floor.

Mercantile Library

12:45pm | I took a phone call with a client out in the lobby and noticed this old mail chute.

Mercantile Library 1:00pm | While on the phone, I noticed the floor and my boots.

Mercantile Library

1:30pm | Victor and I sat for the entire afternoon working. We knocked a lot out.

Victor Imperi

2:30pm | Victor took this one. I think I was working on an identity update for a client. I wrapped up edits and posted that off that day. I know I also got my inbox down to less than 10 emails! Which is magical. Right now, it's too many to count again.

Cole Imperi

3:30pm | Time to eat decadent pastries! Here's that coffee eclair I mentioned above.

coffee eclaire

3:45pm | Victor loves pastries. Look at that face.

Victor Imperi

6:30pm | We left the library, got back on the shuttle, walked home, grabbed a snack, fed the dogs and took Hairy with us. We were headed to the vet! Below is Hairy, getting his nails trimmed, and my Mom is the one in the blue holding him. I grew up spending lots of time in a vet office. That's our vet in the white. She is absolutely wonderful. And my Mom is too. :) Usually the nails will be trimmed while the dog is laying down, but Hairy is more comfortable this way and knows my Mom, hence why this is fine for him.


7:00pm | Vet visits are not traumatizing for Hairy. 'Grandma' is always there to give him treats and he loves our vet. I wanted to post this so you all know he survived his nail trim and that it wasn't that bad.

Hairy at the Vet

7:30pm | We stopped at the PO Box for the business and I got a surprise from Darby Smart! It's a kit to make soy candles. Pretty sure Darby Smart kits might be gifts for people this holiday season....Thank you Darby!

Darby Smart

7:30pm | We all agreed the packaging and graphics are pretty great.

Darby Smart


8:00pm | Hunger set in and we were headed to see my Mom and Dad for a bit. I sat in the car with him while Victor ran in and got food.

Hairy Beagle

9:45pm | Finally home. Time to take care of a few things for the business. I was utterly exhausted. Our dining room is still not done. The bookcases need glass doors installed, the bottom needs to be trimmed in, walls need to be painted and we need a new light fixture.

Imperi Home

11:00pm | The last thing I saw before falling asleep.



That was my day. How was yours?