My Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a mixed-up metropolis situated on the mighty Ohio River. Mark Twain said "When the end of world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it's always twenty years behind the times."

I think many Cincinnatians would agree with Twain. Our city struggles when it's faced with the prospect of change. I think our dead, unfinished subway system is proof of that although I am pretty sure fear of change is not really what did it in.

We also don't have the best reputation when it comes to crime and race relations. And, for that matter, I think our reputation is pretty hard to understand. Perhaps that explains our recent designation as the 'Craziest City in the US.' What a title.

All that aside, Cincinnati is great. I really love this city. I love the history, the quietness, the shopping, the food--the way everyone cares about what high school you went to.

Simplicity Embellished was born in this city, and so was I. It's a reflection of this corner of midwestern America. A little reflection, I think, most people can identify with.

Simplicity Embellished is not the only blog in this city. I'm not the only twenty-something either. There's lots to be had in the Queen City, and with that, I give you a cross-section of some of the cities finest bloggers.

Here is an ever-changing and expanding list of local blogs I admire most. Be sure to take a peek and leave a comment to let them know you visited, and enjoy your time spent with some of the very best people of my favorite city.

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