Moleskine Volant Notebooks

I love paper. I love buying it, writing on it, finding new kinds, touching it; it's an odd obsession I think I share with very few people. I know many people, especially scrapbookers, love papers with unique patterns. That's not really what I'm into. I like paper that's plain and made for writing. I pay close attention to texture, thickness and color. If it's lined, which I usually don't like, the lines have to be a certain width. I refuse to write on anything wide-ruled. The Moleskine Volant is a recent discovery of mine. I have a bunch of other Moleskines, but I think the Volant is my new favorite, mainly because it comes in a bunch of colors and sizes.

I have the pink ones right now, and I'm going to get the green when I fill these up.

LAMY Safari  and Moleskine Volant

I really love how closely the darker pink Volant matches the LAMY Safari in magenta.

LAMY Safari in Magenta and Moleskine Volants

For me, the Moleskine Volant is a nice signature notebook. There's no brand name plastered loudly anywhere, the colors are nice and fresh and they're very portable. The paper is smooth and has just a touch of 'scratch.' My inks don't bleed through and there's enough pages inside but not so much that you feel like it will be impossible to fill it all the way up.

Do you have a signature notebook? What do you journal in? What do you write in?