Modern Envelope Calligraphy Class in Cincinnati

I'm trying something new. Simplicity Embellished Brown Envelopes White Ink

If you'd like to learn the simple and fun art of modern envelope calligraphy then this might be of interest to you. I'm organizing a session through Gidsy and I'm supplying all the materials you'll need to try your hand at this art form.

If you're a bride needing to address your own envelopes: you'll learn what you need to here

If you're a modern guy/gal with an appreciation for details: this is the kind of detail you'll use all the time

You'll get some take-home items and the workshop takes place in my studio. I'm limiting it to ~6 people because I need to make sure I can give some good hand-on instruction.

Here's the info:

By Cole I. on Gidsy

If you are in Cincinnati, please spread the word!