My Husband's Personal Stationery

Personal stationery, I feel, is important. And I'm not talking about the kind you picked up from the bookstore or ordered online with the cute pattern or whatever. Personal stationery. The kind with your name on it. The kind that doesn't really exist today. Stationery of Victor Imperi Even rarer? Personal stationery that's used on a daily basis for all correspondence. If you are lucky enough to have a personal stationery set, most people reserve its use for special occasions. For only the most important communications.

I want to share with you recently completed stationery I did for my husband, Victor. Victor wears distinctive glasses, hence the frames.

I took the photos with my iPhone so they are by no means glorious. Paper is 25% cotton, business cards are a textured 120# cover stock and envelopes are recycled.

Personal Stationery Set

What do you think?

Update: I've had a lot of questions about where I purchased this stationery and to answer your question, I made this! It came from Doth Brands (my advertising agency) It's not an advertised service, but this is where it came from.