Growing Luffa | A Final Update

The final luffa update of the year! To bring you up to speed, I tried growing my own luffa this year. And, I tried growing it in a container.

And I was successful!

Even with planting about a month too late.Luffa Freshly Picked

The photo above shows a luffa right after it is picked off the vine.

And below, what it looks like when you split it open and peel off the green skin.

These guys could have used another month on the vine, so these luffas are not done growing by any means, but nonetheless, it still 'works.'

Inside a fresh luffa

Down below is what it looks like after it dried out. It's all ready to scrub your face! Looks a lot like the kind you buy in the store, no? That's because it is the same as what you buy in the store! ;) Who knew you could grow this?

Dried luffa

So, next year, I'm not growing it in a container. It grew like 14 feet in 3 weeks and got out of control growing up my porch. Also, they require a lot of water.

And next year, I'm going to plan it on time. And pick them after they've grown all the way.

So I guess what I'm saying is I didn't do a very good job my first go-round, but somehow I managed to eek out some real, live, actual luffa.

It's a forgiving plant and certainly an awesome addition to the garden. Definitely a keeper.

PS: Here's my last post on the luffa in case you are interested.