Lucky Fish Earrings

It's a New Year. January 1. Here's to it being a lucky one for you and yours.


My sister gave me these little fishies for a holiday gift this year. I just love them. They are kitsch. They are gaudy. They are flashy. They are perfect.


I believe these are said to be some sort of good luck talisman and are manufactured (or maybe they're handmade?) in the China Towns of the world.


I made them into earrings and had Ruby model them. She thinks I should add some amethyst, lavender, midnight blue and crimson Swarovski crystals to them.

I like her style.


These sure would brighten any outfit.


I love the coloring. And the vibrancy of the gold.


Purple and gold are lovely colors.

In fact, I've been told those are my personal colors.

And so I plan to ride off into the sunrise of our brand new year with my lucky fish earrings dangling from my lobes, lookin' fabulous.

Here's to a new year together.