Lots and Lots of Yoga

For a gift this year, I was given 30 yoga classes in 30 days. Today was day five of day 30 and it was also my fifth yoga class of 30. Daily yoga is certainly a step up from my previous routine which was yoga at home three times a week with an occasional hot yoga class at the studio thrown in here and there.

But I love it. I love this routine of daily yoga. I know right now I'm going to be so sad to see this month come to a close and my 30 days of yoga come to a finish. I've completely rearranged my schedule for this entire month including giving up some TV so I can get to bed earlier and working a little later than normal to make up for my late mornings. And you know what? It works. It works because I am vastly more productive after a yoga class first thing in the morning. It seems I'm getting more done with less time at work and more yoga. Interesting how that works, huh?

And, after just five yoga classes, a pair of pants that didn't fit.....now fit! After just five days!

Here is why this is working for me: 1. It's convenient. I'm able to walk to and from the yoga studio. Plus, the classes were a gift. 2. I want to do this. I'm in the right state of mind for a rigorous fitness regimen. I want to do this, I want to get fit and I'm putting it as priority number one in my life. If I didn't want this, well, I wouldn't be going. 3. I planned. I took into consideration my entire month. I thought about food. I thought about water. I thought about laundry. I even wrote the class names and times out on a desk calendar. 4. I prevented excuses. By planning ahead, I can't use any of the following as excuses for missing class: "I'm out of clean workout clothes." "I'm out of granola bars." "I didn't get to bed on time." "I forgot what time class was today."