Press Release: Cole Imperi Named Recipient of 2018 Curtis Gates Lloyd Fellowship

Cole Imperi Named Recipient of 2018 Curtis Gates Lloyd Fellowship

May 29, 2018—CINCINNATI—Cole Imperi, CT, has been announced as a recipient of the 2018 Curtis Gates Lloyd Fellowship. The fellowship provides funds for research at the Lloyd Library on the topics of botany, natural history, early travel and exploration, and the history of science, medicine and pharmacy. The research will result in projects that bring wider awareness and original perspectives to the history and use of plants.


Imperi’s project focuses on the intersection of ethnobotany—the study of the relationship between plants and people—and thanatology—the study of death and dying. The project is titled “Rooted in Death, Growing in Grief.” Plants and herbs have been used for centuries in the care of the dying and those grieving a loss. Teas, tinctures, salves and even plants grown near the home have been part of traditions including shamanism, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and Appalachian culture to assist the dying and their loved ones. Over the course of her fellowship at the Lloyd Library, Imperi will gather information around the intersection of plants and death and share it through a scholarly paper, workshop and lecture. 

Imperi’s public-facing work includes the podcast, Life, Death & Tarot and frequent public speaking appearances. Cole Imperi is owner of Doth, a resource publisher and consulting firm focusing on businesses in the death and dying space. She is also co-owner of Dead Ringers, a deathcare-focused data-driven mystery phone shopping company.

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Cole, a dual-certified thanatologist, has a contagious passion to enrich life through the study of death and dying. She holds a post-graduate Certificate in Typeface Design from the Cooper Union, is a Certified Crematory Operator and a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Cole was appointed by the City of Covington, Kentucky to the Board of Overseers of Historic Linden Grove Cemetery and Arboretum and serves on the board of a green burial cemetery—Heritage Acres—in Cincinnati, OH. She is teaching faculty for the ICCFA Cremation Arranger Certification program. Known as the American Thanatologist, Cole is a public speaker covering topics ranging from generational marketing to grief and loss. She is Adjunct Faculty at two mortuary colleges teaching Thanatology. Cole is Associate Producer of MORTAL, a feature-length documentary film about the human condition. She serves on the Advisory Board for the Art of Dying Institute. Cole is an active hospice volunteer and bereavement support group leader for children as young as 3 to adults.

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