Living and Dining Room Plans—I Need Your Opinions!

People. I've been living in our new house since the first week of June. We still have no furniture in the living room and dining room. The first floor (we have three) is basically a sweet kitchen and then two big empty rooms. Not complaining! But I'm ready to not have empty rooms anymore.

I think we've waited on really getting rolling on the first floor because we are feeling—I don't want to say overwhelmed, because it's not that—but maybe it's just that it seemed like such a daunting task that we kept avoiding it?

For years, we lived in very small spaces, I'm talking 500 square feet, and every space had to serve more than one purpose. Now, we have entire rooms to devote to one purpose. It's a new way of thinking.

Here's what the living room looks like right now. This is really the only picture I have. It is from our birthdays last month and we had a silly theme hence the tinsel chandelier. Pictured, my nephew and my Dad after just having gifted Victor an Epiphone SG Guitar. ANYWAY, this is what the room has been used for thus far.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.37.12 PM

These steps (below) take you to the second floor and the door at the bottom takes you into our side alley. The living room is on the left and the dining room is on the right.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.32.46 PM

Here's what I'm thinking design-wise for the living room: (the white fireplace would land in between the couch and leather chair.

Living Room Plan

(Edit: My Mother wanted to make sure I added a note here. She does not like the orange and white rug displayed. I am open to changing it. Do you agree with my Mom?)

Now, the white chair in the front, I want this extra chair to work in the dining room too if we need to squeeze someone else in there, or if I just want to tuck the chair by the bookcases to snuggle up with a book. Here's the deal with the chairs. I'm also considering a bright pink one.

What do we think of these chairs?


The white has colorful buttons if you look closely.

White Chair with Colorful Buttons

The pink is just fabulous!

Pink ChairWorth noting here is that I double-checked with my Dad and both of these options are Dad-approved, although I think he likes the pink chair more (for comfort reasons, not color).

Victor and I like them both equally. What is your favorite?

(Another note on the first floor, we don't own a TV, so no need to design around one.)

And here's what the dining room looks like right now. A mixture of depression and emptiness, on a backdrop of bamboo and low VOC paint. :) It's not that bad, but I literally woke up one morning and the emptiness of the first floor started bothering me. All the totes contain books.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.30.49 PM


Here's looking from the kitchen into the dining room. On the other side of the stairs is the living room. You are looking straight at the front door.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.33.26 PM

Here's what I'm thinking we're going to do in the dining room. Victor is making the table out of reclaimed wood and it will look similar to what's featured in the room mockup below. He's also making a bench seat to go along one side. We'll have the three chairs on one side and the two on the ends are extras. They'll probably live in a corner somewhere when not in use.

Also, the backs of the bookcases will be painted a bright yellow. Hard to imagine that yellow, but you also need to imaging these bookcases filled with books and display items, too.

Dining Room Plan

Here's what I need your help with here....what light fixture should go over the dining room table? I am now thinking we need to go a more traditional route to balance the modern elements. We really like a mix of traditional with modern.

I've looked at these and like them, but I don't feel like they're it:

I was thinking of doing three of these at different heights. It's about 18" in diameter.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.48.08 PM




And this one. I like it. But not sure it's right.Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 8.47.59 PM

Will you help me out? Do you have a lighting suggestion for above the dining room table? Link me up.

Our ceiling are 12-13 feet tall and the house is FULL of light. We rarely turn on lights.


What chair and what light fixture? What say you?