Little Tiny Chocolates

Oh chocolate. How you move me. How I crave you. How I search you out. I know I am not the only one. Chocolate is wonderful.

I got lucky yesterday. The chocolate found me.

A new friend gifted me the chocolates I'm about to show you below. They are such pretty little things. I knew the second I opened the box that I just had to snap a few photos.

CC2These chocolates happen to be handmade here in Cincinnati. I think most of us here in town are basically unaware of anything other than Esther Price, Ghiradelli and what's at the grocery store.

Oh, and maybe my salted truffles?


This little sample box had six flavors. Don't ask if you can have a bite, because I already ate them.


Above is the Ginger Lemon Zest.

Below, Tiramisu. The orange guy to the left is Mango Swirl.


The rosette is Raspberry Rose and the chocolate under the tiramisu is Passion Fruit.

My favorite, hands down, is the Sweet Violet, which you can't see because it's sitting under the Mango Swirl.

I promise, it was good.


Pretty, no?


This is basically a chocolate pop. They make them for weddings and that sort of thing as favors or desserts.


I think this would be pretty fun to make, or maybe a nice gift too.


They also hand-tie the little embellishments on as well.


The wedding pop was good too. ;)


Anyway, if you happen to be as taken with these as I was, you can find all the info you need on their website:


Now I bet you want some chocolate. ;)