Life With Beagles

Beagles. I have two. It feels like I have 14 some days. Owning a beagle is not for the faint of heart. You will have things chewed up. You will endure periods of loud barking. You will be expected to focus solely on one beagle until they feel they have gotten enough attention (which could be just a few minutes, or a struggle over the course of an entire day). If you try to stop petting them, or, if they are aware that you are focusing partially on something else, they will get upset. You might discover a beagle in between you and your spouse each night on the couch and then again in bed. My favorite? When Hairy carefully selects a book and ekes it off the shelf by using only his canine tooth. His intent, of course, is to chew it up for awhile. I've watched him do this. He actually does seem to select a book. Maybe fiction tastes different than nonfiction?

Ruby came first. I found her (she was abandoned) back in 2004.

Ruby on the chateau

Hairy came to us last summer.

Hairy On the Chair

And for your viewing pleasure, some photos giving you a glimpse into the life of a beagle. Ok, the lives of my beagles.

Ruby and Hairy in the sun

Hairy in bed

Ruby on the desk

Ruby on the chair

Do you have pets? Are they spoiled like mine? Tell me about it!