Letters Between Pen Pals Are Like Secrets

Secrets you remember and protect forever. At least, that's what I believe.

The friendships you develop among pen pals, and what I mean by that is people you exchange more than just a postcard with one time, is really special. When you take time to write several pages out to a pen pal far and away, you are sending a little piece of yourself. It's more of an investment than, say, an email. Or even just a postcard. (not to knock postcard enthusiasts in the least!)

I received this beautiful letter from a new correspondent. She wrote her first letter out on vellum paper and used Noodler's Black Ink. The stamps she used throughout to embellish the letter were done in a bright, hot pink ink which looked absolutely phenomenal.


This was the front of the envelope (above). She used a piece of packing tape to preserve the address in case it got wet, which for those of us who have relied on USPS for anything have likely encountered.

SE_zHer penmanship was beautiful too. Something I think we all can try to aspire to, no?

SE_xAnd I had the pleasure of reading four full pages. How lucky am I?

SE_yShe's inspired me to have a go at rubber stamps. I loved how she used various stamps but used a really unique ink color- hot pink. I am currently searching for letter-related rubber stamps and then I'll put them to work. They really livened up this letter and made it all the more special.

SE_vAnd you know what else she included? Some fantastic Victorian-esque stickers and a feather. Feathers are my favorite. I love feathers. When I got married, I had a bouquet made of feathers instead of the more traditional flower bouquet. THAT'S how much I love feathers.


Has this letter inspired you? It sure inspired me. And it reminded me why I treasure the art of letter writing so much. Because you end up with things like this. Things I store away in my hollowed out books to refer to sometime in the future. Things I know my future children will enjoy reading through on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Things I know are there from my friends so far away.