A Note About Simplicity Embellished

This is going to be a different kind of post. I am going to take care of a few administrative items and tell you a bit about the person behind the site (me). I promise, there won't be another one of these until probably next year! First, admin stuff.

Simplicity Embellished publishes a free eMagazine just a few times a year called Sunday Tea. It features items not found on the blog. You can subscribe by scrolling down to the footer and entering your email address.

We are also on Facebook. If you like Simplicity Embellished in real life, you might like it on Facebook too. When I update the Simplicity Embellished Facebook page, it's generally with stuff not found on SimplicityEmbellished.com. Although I think Facebook is importing blog posts right now. I really love to see all the people that 'like' Facebook. It's just nice to see some actual faces of people that are reading the blog. Simplicity Embellished on Facebook.

And subscriptions. If you use a feed reader, I am humbly going to ask you to subscribe to this blog. If you don't, you might find it worthwhile to set one up. I use Google Reader (free) and it helps me keep track of all the blogs I love. I can read all these wonderful blog posts on my phone, on my laptop--wherever I've got an internet connection. It also allows me to 'favorite' items and easily forward them on. You just enter in the blog URL to your feed reader and bingo! You're a subscriber.

Second, about me.

My name is Cole and I am the person behind Simplicity Embellished. This website has seen a big increase in traffic and subscribers over the past year and I want to take minute to introduce myself to any newcomers. By day, I own a creative agency based in Cincinnati called Doth Brands. We do websites, branding and identity, graphic design, marketing materials and social media management. We've got two unique specialties: color selection and pricing design.

Simplicity Embellished is a pretty accurate reflection of my life. I believe strongly in spending time (and money) on things you love, things you use all the time and things that are productive uses of your time. I also really believe in living simply, utilizing the space you have and taking care of yourself. I've been asked on occasion how exactly I spend my money and I can tell you that I spend my money on things I use all the time. Nice bedding, nice pens, good paper, well-fitting clothes, stamps, favorite foods, good soap (seriously--it makes me happy!)--things that I use. I don't spend on trifles. My husband and I (and two small beagles) live in a small apartment in Cincinnati. It's probably close to a New York City size apartment rather than a mid-western size apartment for frame of reference. We've been here about 4 years and I can tell you at first, it was really tough! No space, right? Today, we see things much differently. We make the most of our space and everything inside it has a purpose and a place. We live more seasonally too. In spring, summer and autumn we make use of our front and back porches--I practice yoga out there and we eat meals out there a lot. In winter, we put things away and tuck them inside. In a very real way, we feel the natural rhythm of the seasons because our lifestyle changes to accommodate for it. Granted, when we have children one day, our apartment just will not suit. But in the meantime, living small has major, major perks. Our living expenses (rent, utilities) are I think 20% of our income. Leaving more room to pay off school debt (pay yours off soon! Now!), buy good food and save.

And this is what I look like:

Cole Imperi

I've been writing letters since I was 12. I mostly had one pen pal then (still a correspondent today) and I wrote letters home while at summer camp. As I got older, in high school, I tended to write to older friends who were either in college or enlisted in the service. In college and after, I really started getting more correspondents. Today, my youngest correspondent is in high school and my oldest is 86.

To date, I've never left a letter unanswered. I'm super proud of this. I am definitely not someone that writes a response the day I get a letter in the mail, and sometimes a month or two passes, but I have always replied. (If you're reading this and sent me a letter and didn't get a response-I never got it!)

Finally, I want to tell you all how much it means to me that you read Simplicity Embellished, leave comments and sometimes even write to me in real life. I also love when you guys make suggestions for Simplicity Embellished; whether it's a request for a particular post or mentioning that something doesn't render well in a particular browser. Thank you so much for spending time with me this year.

And now, I would like to request that you leave a comment with a link to your own blog or even a suggestion for a good blog read. I love to follow my readers and leave comments now and then. Please share with me (and us) your blog address!