Leather Dog Collars

Traditional crafting is one of my interests. While I love sites like Pinterest which show awesome DIYs for turning t-shirts into works of art or fun new uses for empty two liters, I'm more into the stuff that predates Pinterest-era crafting. Simplicity-Embellished-Leather-Dog-Collars

{By the way, I'm on Pinterest}

Traditional crafting, the way I see it, is stuff that my Grandmothers and Great-Grandfathers would have done. Things like Goldwork, crewel work and leatherwork.

I somewhat recently picked up a new traditional craft: leatherwork.


It is so rewarding.

For Christmas gifts, we made these beautiful dog collars for my parent's two rescued greyhounds.


From selecting the brass buckles and rivets to hand punching the holes, we executed basically every step that went into producing these things.


Their names, Dana and Drennan, are set in my typeface. Engraving your typeface into leather by hand was pretty tedious and fascinating to watch.


The arrows that are featured on the collar as decoration were inspired by old typographic printer's marks. We all thought they complemented the typeface so well.


We also stained the leather to the warm, orange honey-colored leather you see and sealed it over a 3 day period.

Simplicity-Embellished-Leather-Dog-Collar-NamesThe collars look magnificent on the pooches and I'm pretty sure these will last a long time. Because they're sealed, they stand up to rain and sleet and sunshine for many seasons, only picking up a beautiful patina with time.


There's a lot you can do with leather. It's an old skill that truly earned the right to be called a 'craft.'



I'll be sharing more leatherwork with you in the future.