LAMY Safari in Magenta

A fountain pen is a wonderful writing instrument. If you are someone that seems to be purchasing and trying out new pens all the time, then you'll likely love writing with a fountain pen. Since I discovered them, I no longer reach for a ballpoint; I no longer use a gel pen and I no longer love felt tips. The fountain pen has improved my handwriting, made my hand feel better and they take up much less space than my very large pen collection used to. Look at this LAMY Safari in magenta.

LAMY Safari Magenta

She's pretty, huh? She almost perfectly matches my Moleskine Volants in Pink and Magenta. See? LAMY Safari in Magenta and Moleskine Volants

I love the LAMY Safari. This is a great first fountain pen. Some people don't appreciate the design, but I think you just have to go with it. It's a nice everyday pen and allows you to either use cartridges or a converter. I use the converter.

LAMY Pink and Lime Green SafarisI have two LAMYs; the new magenta Safari and the lime green Safari. You can tell that I use the lime green guy all the time.

I use a medium nib in the lime green and a fine nib in the magenta. There are things I like about each nib, but I think I like the fine a little better.

Here's a pretty little shot: LAMY Pink punk

In conclusion, the LAMY Safari is a great first fountain pen you'll probably never completely stop using. Because of the color options, it will likely become a personal signature. I highly recommend them.

What is your favorite pen? [it doesn't have to be a fountain pen!]