Review: Kuretake Tegami Refillable Letter Pen

kbp5Finding a new toy is pretty exciting. This is my new toy, a Kuretake Tegami Refillable Letter Pen. I ordered this from Jet Pens for $4.50. Here's the link to the product. kbp4The main reason I ordered this is because I thought it might be a good tool for use in my etegami endeavors. Etegami is a traditional Japanese art form that has captured my heart. I've spent more than 11 months trying to locate the right kind of paper here in the US for etegami and was only successful last week thanks to Jet Pens. Here's a link to my favorite etegami website so you can get a feel for what it is.

kbp3This pen is slithery-smooth to write with and lets me achieve the desired effect when I had a go at an etegami of my own. The ink came out swiftly and is super saturated.

The name says it's refillable, but I have no idea how. There's also virtually no information on the Jet Pens website and I wasn't able to locate any on the internet after a quick search either.

kbp1My husband uses this pen to sketch little doodles and drawings and it produces a neat effect thanks to the brush tip. It's so much fun to write/draw with.

kbp2You'll see in the next few photos I snapped some writing and line work. This was all done on a Strathmore #110 Cover Stock in Arctic White. I'm a big paper nerd so I'm pretty sure none of you will have this paper on hand. It's a really solid paper and is very porous--you'll see the ink didn't bleed even as I slowly dragged the pen along the paper.

kbp6This brush pen makes your artistic skills improve immediately. ;)

kbp7Does anyone else have any information about this pen? If you do, please share it with me! (and the other readers!)

kbp8This pen is definitely not suited for normal writing, but I bet it's a whiz at kanji.

kbp10So there you have it! My new toy and a fun little writing tool.