Ink Review | J. Herbin's Ambre De Birmanie

Picture 35

What a fancy name. Ambre De Birmanie

It certainly matches the lovely hue of this ink.

Here's a page from a Moleskine. You'll see I wrote in many different styles and even doodles. You can get a good sense for how the ink looks and behaves.

Picture 35

All the testing in these photos was done with a Lamy Safari Medium Nib.

Picture 61

This will be a really fun color to doodle with. And a great ink to accent the right piece of correspondence.

I picked up a great little postcard featuring a farm in the state of Ohio, and this color matched the haystacks featured on the front beautifully.

Picture 57

I, personally, like inks that have variation in shading. You'll see how the color is deeper at the bottom of my strokes.

The paper used below is a Neenah 25% Cotton Arctic White. I didn't get a bleed or smudge on the Moleskine or the Neenah stock.

Picture 56

Happy little yellow lines.

Picture 53

When I think of Valentine's Day (just around the corner!) I think of pinks, reds and yellows; like the one below.

Picture 36

I love the J. Herbin bottle. The top of the bottle has a notch which, I assume, is for resting your pen? No? I mean, what else is it for?

My Sheaffer Agio is featured below.

Picture 40

Oooo la la I just love the label and the bottle.

Picture 39

And, one requisite artsy-fartsy shot. The plant in the back is a desert rose sorbet....the actual name escapes me.

Picture 38

All in all, a great ink. I've noticed no clogging in my pens, really no bleed and very little smudge. The color is consistent and the ink is high quality.

I purchased this bottle from Poeme in Hyde Park.