How To Wrap Food With Stuff Around Your House

My previous post on this topic, How to Stylishly Wrap Baked Goods, has been getting a lot of traffic since it went up. I guess because you, like me, think it's a dumb expense to have to go run out and buy a box and a bow for something. Having to do that kind of ruins the enjoyment out of making something for others. So, for most, using what you've got is a nice approach. The following are some photos of things I used to wrap some salted truffles I recently made. I made the mistake of tripling the recipe for these truffles which resulted in more than 120 of these things. THAT'S A LOT OF TRUFFLES. So, I have learned to control my urge to double and triple recipes {oh, but think of the leftovers....maybe I can drop some off at so-and-so's house...}

Beautiful Boxes

I, as you know, am a letter-writing enthusiast. And, as such, I have a lot of stationery. The three boxes pictured above are some empty boxes I saved from my Crane stationery and used to wrap truffles. The boxes originally housed my two favorite Crane patterns, a Florentine and the Magnolia. (couldn't find the magnolia link)

I was able to gift around 3 dozen truffles between the three boxes.

Close up on pretty box

A double-knot is super simple and elegant. Especially when it's complementing an ornate pattern. This is one of my favorite looks. {plus, you can avoid wrapping paper and tape completely!}

close up on the bowI bow-ified this one. Mostly because I cut the ribbon to long, but also because the box was much simpler. And yes, there is ribbon fuzz on the box.

There is something really pretty and demure about knots.

Unique Wrapping using an iPhoneOk, this one is my favorite. This one went to my BFF and I have to say, I thought it was pretty funny. Funny like, Haha-theres-no-iphone-inside.

When I got my iPhone this past summer, I saved the box. I'm not sure why, because I knew it would just sit around. And sit around it did. Now, six months later, I know I'm not going to be selling my phone or returning it so I came to terms with the fact that I legitimately had no use for this iPhone box. So, I put in some truffles and chocolate covered pretzels and gave it away.


Things to put baked goods in: + Wrap in foil and tie with a ribbon + Use boxes from electronic devices, tie with a ribbon + Use boxes that housed stationery, thank you cards, writing sets etc., tie with a ribbon

* Be sure to line the box with a piece of parchment paper. It provides a nice barrier between the cardboard and the food inside.