How to Stylishly Wrap Baked Goods

If you're like me, you don't have very many dishes you're willing to part with. OK, actually, I don't have any dishes, platters or otherwise that I want to part with. It seems that this, this little detail, is what holds people back from gifting each other baked goods. (That, and maybe, oh, I don't know; time.) But you don't want to look cheap handing over an aluminum foil blob right? Here's how I do it. No, it's not amazing, it's not fabulous, it just works.

Wrap your baked goods nicely

In this particular instance, I made up a bunch of my Easy and Fabulous Apple Tarts to give to a few friends. Since I don't keep many dishes around I'd be OK with never getting back (we've all lost a dish or two to a friend or family member; it happens), I wrapped them up in aluminum foil, punched a hole in a paper scrap and tied it with a ribbon. It's not amazing, but certainly affordable and presentable.

Wrap your baked goods

I just wrote a little note on the inside and delivered them. Voila!

UPDATED: See part II of this post here:

Anyone have anything more fabulous?