How To Put On Mascara; The Way I Learned

Mascara is a wonderful invention. It has this magic ability to make you feel better and more confident and all it does is lengthen and thicken teeny tiny hairs. Women are complicated creatures, huh? Here's how I put on mascara. I learned this from my days as a ballerina [the community-recital ballerina days nonetheless, but someone's Mother was a former model and she taught me this].

First; get a feel for the job at hand. This is my before shot.


Second; apply the mascara to your upper lashes first but apply it on the tops of your lashes by pulling the brush in a downward motion. Most people don't even consider putting them on the top, but it does wonders.

[This photo is blurry, but it was the only one that came out in an 'action' type shot. I'm putting it in anyway.]


Third; brush upward to finish off the top lashes. {I love how you can see the camera and hands snapping the photo in my pupil}


Fourth; coat your lower lashes, paying particular attention to the ones at the corners.



Voila! Here's your after shot.

PS: I love L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara; that's what I'm using in these photos. I also used eyeshadow by IsaDora and Shiseido.