How To Carry Less In Your Purse

What's in your purse? No really, I'm serious. Would you be proud of the contents? Maybe not so much? I think the fight against purse-junk build-up is one of the great battles of womanhood.

Have you ever bought a new purse primarily because the one before wasn't working? Why wasn't it working? Did it hold too much? Or not enough?

Here's my purse:

Purse Contents in the purse

Yes, this is my everyday purse. I use this, well, all the time. As you can clearly tell, it goes from day to night pretty easily.

And no, I don't have kids. I'm pretty sure if I had a few gremlins hanging off my arms, this purse would likely not work.

But get this: it fits charmingly inside a larger purse. If it needs it to. Just sayin'

I keep this stuff inside of it: + fountain pen + wallet + business cards + little notebook (a Moleskine) + iPhone + perfume vial

Can you believe it? That's not very much stuff. In days gone by, I used to keep a much bigger purse on my shoulder, but I realized the vast, vast majority of what I was carrying around never got used. So, to keep myself chilled out, I figured out what I could keep around without having to carry a big purse.

When I was still carrying a bigger purse, I bought one of those interior purse organizers with a light attached. It seems like when I started using that, I only added more to my purse. Like tissues, makeup samples, Q-tips, moist wipes....stuff that really makes no sense to have on you all the time.

My Purse

So, to keep that stuff at hand without it literally being by my side all the time:

+ I keep Vaseline in my car in a little compartment [I use Vaseline instead of lip gloss] + I keep a brush and a sticky wheel [to remove dog hair and lint] in the car + I stopped wearing foundation and my skin evened out and so now I don't even need power anymore

What else do you really need? Seriously?

I found that by not having tissues on me all the time, I didn't need them. And if I did, it happened when I was out [like at the mall or a restaurant, where a bathroom or napkin pile was always close by.] And, if you're afraid you'll need a tissue when you're in the car; then keep a box in the car.

And, if you need something like Advil, well, just ask a lady-friend carrying a massive purse and she probably has some.

How to keep less in your purse:

Part I: Evaluation

+ What do you use every day? + OK, now of those items, what can you leave in your desk and/or car? + What does that leave for your purse?

Part II: Adjustments

+ Is your purse massive? + Do you understand that if your purse is big, you will fill it up? Or are you in denial about this fact? + If you are not in denial, then downsize your purse. + Make sure your desk and car have the items they need in them that your purse no longer does (tissues, lint roller, lip gloss, medication, etc.)

Part III: Live The Small-Purse Life

+ Once you've downsized and made sure additional needs are met by your car or desk, take your new, smaller purse out. + At the end of the week, sit for a minute and recall any time that you didn't have something that you needed. + Evaluate whether or not that ruined your day. + Evaluate whether or not you were able to find the item somewhere else.

If you give this a try, even for a day; let me know how it goes!