House History

I live in an old house (built in the mid–1860s) with new insides (rehabbed in 2012 from top to bottom). Now and then, I squirrel away a little time to find some of the stories attached to this house. 

Covington Kentucky

This sign is within walking distance to my house and is from the 1930s. Sometimes I find cool things not related to my house. 

I work in deathcare and thanatology professionally. My heart got happy when I discovered that a funeral happened in our house! Not because someone died, but because that's an act of love. It's good for houses to have stories of love attached to them. (I discovered a murder story 3 doors down from my house...yikes...that took place about 90 years ago.)

It appears that a sister held a funeral for her brother (only 25) in our house. The funeral happened July 30, 1913 and the below was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Well, I suppose it was her house then, but I digress. 

I've also discovered two marriages attached to this house and to the church that once stood one block up from us. That church burned down, but the rectory still exists today, and some friends and neighbors live there now. 

See below for the newspaper announcing a wedding reception held at our house August 6, 1903.

When I think about the brunches and parties we host here today, I sometimes think that our house is just not big enough as folks squeeze by each other. But then I think about the other parties and events that have happened here. This house has been hosting people for decades, and it will continue to do so!

Go house!