Health | Fatigue is different than tired

We all get tired at some point; our sleeping schedule suffers a little, something keeps us up extra late on TV or we catch a cold. We can get fatigued too. Did you know fatigue is different than tired? Tired is like fatigue light.

Or in actual terms, fatigue is a lack of energy, feelings of weariness and persistence. That means no matter how much you sleep, you're still tired.

Know the feeling?

Causes of fatigue: + work + stress + depression + medical conditions (like PCOS, diabetes, etc.) + side effects from medications + vitamin and mineral deficiencies

How to get rid of fatigue: + Believe it or not, exercise is the number one way to combat fatigue. Exercise allows your body to enjoy deeper sleep and it boosts your energy. + Eliminate nicotine, don't consume caffeine after noon, cut crappy food from your diet (like high fructose corn syrup) + Eat multiple smaller and more frequent meals a day + Spend 15 minutes journaling a day + Go outside. [Believe it or not, this is called biophilia and is "a restorative connection we feel to the natural world."]

What do you do when you're tired? What about fatigued? Share your tips with us!