Hairy Beagle | A Portrait of Cute


Oh Hairy. I do love you.

I just had to share this photo of one of my beagles, Hairy.

He’s probably the worst dog in the history of the world, but we love him so much. He’s chewed through expensive electronics, very nice dogbeds, peed on our bed, peed on our pillows, pooped in the cup of a bra (not kidding) and gotten himself stuck inside the kitchen cabinet under the sink, just to name a few of his follies. But, every day, he sits in a small chair in my office for hours while I work. He snuggles up back-to-back with me in bed at night and rests his little head on my shoulder and sighs really softly when I’m watching TV. Then, he promptly ruins those moments by barking so loud he hurts his own ears.

Dogs are special. :)