Growing Luffa - An Update

Do you remember back in July when I told you about my luffa plant? The luffa is, to me, garden magic. It's not like a tomato or a cucumber plant. It's something all together different. If you're like me, when you first hear the word 'luffa,' you think of the scrubbie thing you use in the bathroom when you take a shower. Do you think it's from the ocean?

Sea sponges are from the ocean, but luffas are from the garden. They grow off of a vine, just like a gourd does.

Luffa Plant Curlicue

They look kind of like zucchinis.

I have three luffas sprouting. I grew it in a container, which I will not be doing next year (but I'm glad I tried it). Growing them in a container definitely caused them to be smaller. That's OK.

Luffa flowerHowever, container growing did not hinder these magnificent flowers. These magnificent MAGNIFICENT flowers.

Luffa flower buds

I think I'll probably end up with just one luffa this year. It's the middle of October and I'm expecting our first frost soon. At the first frost, you're supposed to harvest the luffa, peel off the skin, rinse out the seeds and dry the luffa out.

Luffa Plant

Did any of you grow anything neat in the garden this year? I would love to hear about it if you care to leave me a comment.