Grooming Beagle Paws

Grooming the paws of a beagle is not the most glamorous task I've ever encountered. In fact, the majority of things I do on a regular basis are much more glamorous. However, I appreciate beauty in my surroundings and hairy-toed beagles, while cute, just don't quite fit in. Both beagles have been sprouting more and more hair inbetween their toes as they get older. And these hairs, they sop up drips and drops of anything on the floors, or outside.

Husband drizzled some olive oil on the floor by accident? sop sop sop Beagle toe-hair absorbs it.

Beagle trots through a questionable wet spot on the sidewalk? sop sop sop Beagle toe-hair absorbs the mysterious liquid. And doesn't let go.

Here is the before. Hide your children before viewing. hairy dog paw

And here is Ruby. She is the beagle with the hairy toe problem. She is embarrassed I am sharing this with the world.

And she does not enjoy toe grooming. Look:

beagle terror

One Pedi-Paw (it works!), a nail file made for acrylic nails and a pair of hair scissors later; her paws began to look like they were ready for Prom.

Beagle Paw Before and After

One paw down, three to go!

Hairy Beagle