Goldfish Etegami

Etegami are simple illustrations done with simple tools on postcards (usually) that are then mailed out to people. I talk about my sunflower etegami here and last year's holiday etegami here. This one was done for my good friend Nancy. She loves bright red goldfish and FDR is her favorite US President. I combined the two in this etegami to her. (She has a bit of a career in politics, so her love for US Presidents is far and deep.)

Gold Fish Etegami

This is one of my favorite etegami 'formulas.' I combine an illustration of something someone likes with a carefully chosen quote.

I chose this quote:

" lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort."

Because Nancy is extremely happy and bright. She's also very smart and has achieved quite a lot in her life. She loves to work and has recently undertaken a pretty creative endeavor (blogging.) It just seemed perfect for her.

Just wanted to share my etegami process with you. If you want to learn from one of my favorite etegami artists ever, check her out here.