Golden Shoes | My LBD [Little Black Dress]

The Little Black Dress. We all have one; although it may not exactly be a little black dress. For men, it might be a particular suit, or a pair of shoes. You know, it's that piece of clothing or that outfit that you just go to and know you feel and look fabulous in it. For me, it's a certain pair of gold shoes.

These ratty, beat up gold shoes, actually.

Gold Shoes

These puppies are my wonder woman shoes. I bought them at Target in 2006 and have yet to encounter anything worthy of replacement. And don't bother showing me alternatives; these are my shoes; my LBD.

Ripped Shoe SoleAnd look at this; I've never seen this in another shoe before. The sole is, well, it's ripping. That pretty copper sole is ripping away.

Torn High Heel ShoeAnd look at this unattractive blemish. Special thanks goes out to a certain beagle who is responsible for this; a certain beagle named Hairy.

Chewed up heelAnd yes, that very same beagle did this to the heel. To my very favorite shoes.

Do you know where these shoes have been? They've walked me down the aisle. They've accompanied me to awards banquets, holiday parties and just to the store. I love these shoes.