Free Download: Holiday Tag or Enclosure

Happy Holidays, friends. I put together a sheet of 4 tags for you, maybe you can use them?

I see these as being cute little tags on a gift or perhaps a sweet something to tuck into an outgoing letter.

Free Downloadable Holiday TagI think Christmas trees are so pretty. I happen to be Jewish and you'll notice a Star of David ornament tucked inside the tree. Lovely! Truly an all-encompassing holiday tag, no? You've got Yule covered, Christian Christmas, non-denominational Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa. (Do you see the Kwanzaa element?)

4 free downloadable holiday tagsThis comes to you as a PDF and prints 4 to a sheet. Try printing these on cardstock--or a thick textured paper (like a tan resume stock). And, this is for personal use only. Please don't try to make a profit off of someone else's gift to you! Bad karma!

Here's where you can download a PDF.

Happy Holidays.

Love Cole + Simplicity Embellished