Fountain Pen Review | Sailor Desk Pen

I've probably had the most fun with this fountain pen out of all the one's I own. FountainPen_Sailor_Desk_2

I love the black lacquer body, the super fine nib, the elongated and curvy line it possesses. I hold this pen a little differently than my other fountain pens.

FountainPen_Sailor_Desk_3This is a great pen for number work, or for writing music or for detailed illustration. It's comfortable to hold, a nice weight and can take a beating. I ordered this pen from JetPens in California and it cost $15.

It weighs less than a Lamy Safari but the plastic feels about the same texture-wise and grip-wise.

One thing that's odd is that it really has no cap. It comes with one, but it's peach-colored and doesn't look like it belongs. These pens are made to go into a base. Anyway, be aware of the cap situation if you are going to order one for yourself.

Down below is a writing sample:


I wrote normally with the Sailor Desk Pen using Aurora's black ink (my favorite black ink!) in a Moleskine notebook. I detected no bleed and the extra fine nib didn't tear up or snag the paper either, and I'm a pretty aggressive writer.