Fortune Telling | An Old Book

I found this book in a 200-year-old church turned into a hub-bub of an antique store in Metamora, Indiana. It was $2. And worth every penny.

fortunetellingThe cover was ripped off the book, so the title page is now the cover. This amazing book will tell you your horoscope, teach you how to tell fortunes, decode your dreams and explain palmistry to you. For just $2.

guillotineThis isn't referenced on the title page, but there's a section on reading tea leaves. If you see a Guillotine in your leaves, you can expect a severe accident or an encounter with the law. You think?

loveIn palmistry, the meaty part just underneath your thumb on your palm is indicative of your ability to love. The bigger this area, the better.

booksAnd if you dream about books, you can be pretty sure that "a discussion will be held which may lead to a quarrel."

October22And for those of you with a birthday on October 22, here's your fortune: A shrewd judge of affairs with a strong materialistic trend, leading to wide success in the business world. The men enjoy the company of lodge brothers and belong to many organizations. The women are interested in athletics.

As a side note; doesn't this typeface resemble Garamond? I think it's lovely!