Flowering Foliage

I love foliage. I love leaves. I love stems. I love being surrounded by greenery. I'm happier in a room with plants than in a room without. Are you?


And taking photos of them is so rewarding. You just can't go wrong taking pictures of plants. They are so pleasing to the eye.


Plants that flower are so captivating. Look the the little blossoms above-- they only have two petals!

That's something I wouldn't have noticed had I not gotten in for a close-up.


These three photos are from a bonsai tree. Well, bush, I guess.


The entire thing was in bloom.


Such beautiful, delicate blooms. If you notice, you'll see splotches of pink freckles towards the center of the bloom and the similar striking pink shade at the tip of the stamen.

Mother nature, you sure are a talented interior designer. ;)


Just above, you'll see a bird of paradise flower. Also known as the most recent yoga pose I've just begun to master.

What a crazy flower.

Down below, you'll see a plumeria bloom--- look at the similarities in the intensity of the colors. I love finding similarities between different species.


And look at these sweet, sweet blooms.

kc16You know, I'm more someone that lusts after leaves moreso than flowers, mostly because many plants that grow well here in Cincinnati, Ohio only flower for a short time. But after looking at these guys, it inspires me to add more than just morning glories to my landscape.