Fighting For the Sun | Why It's Hard Being a Beagle

We all know this, so I don't really have to say it. But I will. Beagles have a hard life. A hard life. Look at this. There is only one available sun spot. Luckily, it's on the love seat. But still, there's only one.

Beagle Sun Spot SharingThey've managed to both squeeze in; and it appears only 1% of their bodies is in the shade.

beagle friendshipAnd look, they're so close together there's not even room enough for an ear betwixt them.

Beagle Profiles

Hairy (in the back) is so intoxicated by the sunlight that he doesn't notice the dust bunny that's landed on his snout. Poor guy.

Beagle Butts

It's hard being a beagle.