(Some of) My Favorite Things in NYC

The Rose Reading Room

I spent another 2 weeks in NYC this February and have always wanted to do a post sharing some of my favorite spots in the city. Maybe when you visit, you can check out some of these places. These are places I visit when I'm in town no matter what, and these are the places I arrange to meet other folks at, just so I can ensure I get my visits in!  

The Main Branch of the New York Public Library aka the Stephen A. Schwartzman Building Website

New York Public Library


Ceiling in the New York Public Library

The Rose Reading Room

This is right by Times Square and is just a block or two away. The main branch of the New York public library is adjacent to Bryant Park as well. This is a great way to see three great sights in one go: Times Square, Bryant Park and this magnificent library. When I'm in town, I usually work here. I got up to the third floor and find a seat in the Rose Reading Room. There are ample outlets and free wifi, too. Also computers if you need to check your email!


Ca Va by Todd English Lounge Website

Ca Va Dinner

Ca Va

I like the lobster rolls on brioche with an iced tea. I've worked here a few times and it's a nice space. You can just walk right in and take a seat. In the winter they have a fire going.


The Strand Book Store Website

The Strand

The Strand

You can find anything and everything here and it's right near Union Square & Jivamukti Yoga too. Love their rare book room on the third floor (pictured in bottom photo).


Jivamukti Yoga & Cafe at Union Square Website

Jivamukti Cafe

Jivamukti Cafe

My favorite yoga spot in NYC. They also have a vegan cafe that is super yummy (pictured above).


Porto Rico Coffee Website


I'm not a coffee drinker, but all of my friends are, so we end up here a lot. I usually get their hot chocolate. Really amazing coffee place. They have several locations, but my favorite is the one on St. Mark's Place.


Grand Central Terminal Website

Grand Central Terminal

Just go inside and don't forget to look up! And go downstairs and you'll find a neat place to work and lots of places to eat.


McSorley's Old Ale House Website

McSorley's Old Ale House

Loved this place over the summer. It's always crowded, but it's really fun with a big group of people. Pictured above, me and some friends imbibing. :)


Bierkraft Website Bierkraft


This place, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, was the very first place I went when I was in town this last time. Order the veggie sandwich (pictured above).


Casey Rubber Stamps Website

Casey Rubber Stamps

Casey Rubber Stamps

If you need a stamp, go here. Cash only.


Art Brown International Pen Shop Website

Art Brown International Pen Shop

Art Brown International Pen Shop

Art Brown International Pen Shop

This is a super cool shop. It's kind of old school and a great place to just see all the things you probably look at online in one place. I picked up some fun stuff while in this time! Fountain pens, paper, ink, notebooks...you name it!


Purl Soho Website

Purl Soho

Purl Soho

Purl Soho

I love coming in here to buy crewel work kits and teeny tiny crochet hooks. I love to look at all the fabrics and chat with the gals at the counter.


Kate's Paperie Website

Kate's Paperie

I come here to buy these wonderful little colored paper notebooks. And to wander around and gawk at all the pretty papers hanging from the walls.


The Popover Cafe Website

The Popover Cafe

Get the popovers with their apple butter and strawberry butter and a hot tea. Be happy about your life.


Park Slope Coffee Tea N Spices Website

Park Slope Tea & Spices

This place is cash only but you can find anything tea-related here! It's fun to nose around here.


The Subway Website

The Subway

I am quite content to sit on the train left with my own thoughts and the inability to check my phone or otherwise.


B'nai Jeshurun Website

B'nai Jeshurun

My favorite synagogue in town.