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I've had a few links up in my browser for a few months (in some cases) and I wanted to share them with you. You might find them to be interesting.

Quanita & Me: Telling the Truth about Race

This is a well-written post by the mother of a gal I went to high school with and ran cross country with. Her Mom works in the field of wellness (if you recall, that is one of my practice areas at my company) and she does a lot with the Enneagram. This is her post as a white woman about race in which she illustrates lots of 'truths'. Her daughter (my high school friend) is white, her son-in-law is not and they have a mixed-race bebe. And, the piece talks about grief too (if you also recall, the other practice area at my company is deathcare). I love this post because it mixed my two practice areas and related it to racism. It's a good read.

Watch how Mercury Reacts to Sound Waves

This blew my mind, and not as it relates to physics, but as it relates to yoga. Yoga has this thing it teaches. It's called 'mantra.' If you've ever heard someone say 'Ommmmm' then you know what a mantra is. A mantra can also be something like "So Hum" or "Our Father, Who Art in Heaven...." A mantra is something you repeat. Yoga tells us that the different sounds in a mantra (generally, Sanskrit) hold certain healing properties, so to speak. Sound is medicine essentially. Subtle medicine. My first exposure to this resulted in my response of "yeah....sure. Riiiiiiight." However, years in, I see where this tradition comes from and that it holds truth. See in this video what sound waves does to mercury, and what the different sounds do. They create a different effect. Around when I discovered this video, I discovered that there are a bunch of cancer studies going on where they are blasting cancer cells with sound. Yeah.

Recipe | Matcha Almond Layer Cake with Mushrooms

Yes. You had me at meringue mushrooms.

Rituals in Eating, Grieving and Business

Really interesting article. And, another example of intersections of my professional focuses in death and wellness. We look at ritual a lot in the wellness realm and also in the deathcare realm.