Family Heirlooms

My husband and I were in visiting my mother-in-law and family this past Monday. January in West Virginia is cold, just like January in Ohio is. We were all sitting in the living room Monday afternoon, just chatting and talking, and my MIL got up and said "I have something for you, Cole."

For me?

She reappeared in the living room with the following:

assaaNow, you'll be able to see some smudges in these photos. I haven't had time to drop these off at the jeweler for a good cleaning due to a very annoying snowstorm that has blanketed Cincinnati.

But how beautiful is this? The center stone is Aquamarine with two garnets on either side. My mother-in-law and her sister saved up for this ring to give to my husband's grandmother many years ago.

And now it belongs to me.

It is putting it mildly to say I will cherish it forever.


Now look at this. My mother-in-law received this for a gift at one point from another family member and she gave it to me. It's set with garnets (her birthstone).


I've never seen another ring like it.


And look at this:


She gave me earrings and a drop for a necklace to match. Those are garnet and diamonds.


Just beautiful. I am so honored to have these pieces in my possession.

Thanks MIL!