Everything You Need To Know About Lentils

Lentils are wonderful. Part of the legume family, these guys are a good source for protein. About 25% of a lentil's calories are protein. And, I think they are lovely to look at.

Picture 52The photos in this post feature a mixture of green lentils and french lentils; both of which you can purchase in bulk from places like Whole Foods, which is where I bought mine.

Lentils have a shorter cooking time (than, let's say, beans) and these are a great ingredient to keep on hand. If you mix lentils with rice, you then are getting the full spectrum of protein (cystine and methionine are two proteins).

This past week, I made a dish in our dutch oven of lentils, rice and carrots seasoned with a sauteed shallot and garlic. Instead of using water, I used chicken broth.

Picture 50Lentils are great cold or warm and I think they go best with either rice or quinoa.

Here are a couple good lentil-based recipes:

Picture 51