Etegami from the Road

Abstract Etegami

I'm on a trip right now for both work and pleasure and brought along my travel kit of etegami supplies. I knew I might have an hour or two of free time tonight and I wanted to be ready if, by chance, it worked out. Zinnia Etegami by Cole Imperi

So, here is what I did tonight in about an hour. There were no tests, there were no mistakes, there were no 'perfects', either. I just wanted to show you how fantastic etegami really is and how you can do anything with it, and it's still wonderful, no matter what.

Zinnia Etegami by Cole Imperi

All of these are addressed and stamped and will go out with the mail first-thing tomorrow. It will mail from wherever we are in Pennsylvania assuming the folks at the hotel's front desk are kind enough to send the items off into the postal milky way along with whatever else needs to go out.

Geranium Etegami by Cole Imperi

I used this set which travels very well and I used these etegami cards and also some standard watercolor postcards too.

Abstract Etegami by Cole Imperi

And, I took this with my iPhone. I tell you what, that is a handy little contraption. If I didn't have it, we wouldn't have this post.

Abstract Etegami by Cole ImperiI'll be in New York tomorrow helping my very talented sister, who is a noted fashion illustrator, move in to her apartment. After that, I'm hitting up all my favorite spots in New York: stationery stores, my favorite sandwich spot (Bierkraft in Park Slope) and The Strand Bookstore are all on the list, to name a few. If you follow my Instagram you can keep tabs on where I'm at and what I'm doing. I'll be taking a train from New York City to Cincinnati this time. I've always wanted to travel by train and it's finally going to happen. I'm looking forward to the long ride of about 18 hours because that means I can get some real work done.

And my favorite etegami from this session? This gal.

Abstract EtegamiShe is going to someone special tomorrow.

And as I hit the hay tonight I'm going to keep that little sentiment above ringing through my head over the next few days as I work, work, work and play a little too.

Be bright!