Etegami From A Correspondent


Lookie Lookie. This is an etegami done by Deborah Davidson, from Sapporo, Japan.

I found her blog a few months ago and discovered this ancient Japanese art form called etegami.


According to Debbie, "Etegami (e="picture" tegami="letter") are simple drawings accompanied by a few apt words, and they are usually done on postcards. They are meant to be mailed off to one's friends, rather than hoarded. Though etegami has few hard-and-fast rules, traditional tools and materials include writing brushes, sumi ink for the outline, gansai blocks for color, and soft absorbent washi postcards. They often depict some ordinary item from everyday life, especially items that bring a particular season to mind."

I think this is something I'd like to take up in 2010. It's so simple, yet look at the results. I wish the scan could relay the texture to you; the paper is thick and rippled and it traveled all the way from Japan to my hot little hands. I believe this is either a tangerine or a persimmon; and my Japanese is a little rusty (ok, non-existent) so I have no idea what the translation is.

There's so much to be had in the world of letter writing. I hope you partake.

*edit, please see comment from Debbie below!