Etegami for Spring and Sorrow

On Friday, there was a storm. A very big storm. Thirty-nine people died in 5 states and rescuers are still looking for those who are still missing. There were multiple tornadoes. Big, fast, sudden, powerful tornadoes. Etegami Spring 2012 Crocus

I feel very lucky that we just had lots of rain. Cincinnati was basically skipped over, even though the storm clouds moved right over top of us. The neighborhoods and cities to the South, East and West of us, however, were not skipped over. Many of those towns are completely flattened today.

Etegami Spring 2012 Buttercup

I sat down to my etegami supplies over the weekend feeling a little sad and a little hopeful. Spring is coming! Crocuses are peeking above the ground. The sun seems brighter, too.

Etegami Spring 2012 BlueBells

And this morning? We awoke to an inch or two of snow. A quiet, clean blanket of fresh snow. It was quiet, it was sparkling in the sunlight—it is now melting. And it will leave behind grass that is a little greener and new growth that is a little taller.

Etegami Spring 2012 Bunny